PPG are still alive, OKAY? Now, let's see about those "RUMBLE" list.

"Chapter 2 List"

  1. School Fight
  2. Courage The Dog
  3. Special Name
  4. Courage's Story
  5. Sensei Jack
  6. Tell Us More
  7. Ninja Girl
  8. Booga Booga
  9. Scary
  10. Trouble At The Well
  11. Dread Dragon
  12. Look Out
  13. Billy And Mandy
  14. Chomp
  15. Help
  16. My Hero
  17. End This
  18. Mojo jojo
  19. Bad Mojo
  20. My Name is Bell
  21. XJ9

After the chapter of "XJ9" Starts Chapter 3

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