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Buttercup in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi is a tad more aggressive than her TV version. She is, as always, brash and using extreme ways to defeat enemies. Buttercup however has a secret that the others dont know, which is that she cant fight crime witout her blanket.

Appearance and Personality

Like her sisters, Buttercup has been changed from a small humanoid with no fingers or toes and a large head to an average-porportioned girl. She also sports a more anime-like design, complimented by her colored sailor fuku. Buttercup has become more aggressive, but why is never explained. She also has become friends with 2 other "tough girls", Mandy and Gaz. Buttercup also has a fangirl crush on Sensei Jack.

Powers and abilities

Buttercup has some of the abilities of the other Powerpuff Girls. She can fly, shoot energy beams, and has super strength. She has no special ability, as seen in the canon episode "Nuttin' Special", but she has used techniques her sisters haven't, such as an attack resembling the Power Wave from King of Fighters and the Kamehameha.


Sensei Jack

Ever since Buttercup was saved by her gym teacher Sensei Jack, she has developed a fangirl crush on him. However, Jack is obviously too old for her.