Bubbles is about the same as her t.v version sweet and cute.Bubbles helps her sisters out when they need it.She also has befriended Sensei Jack's pet dog Courage and has become friends with Tootie. Bubbles and Courage often like playing togethor but Bubbles has now become stronger than she was previously

Personality and Appearance

Bubbles is still as sweet as ever. She has the same personality as her cartoon version. She also has more of a figure and a manga look.Bubbles also has developed a deep love for Boomer.She also has a deeper love for animals especially Courage.

Powers and Abilities

Bubbles has the abilities of the other members of the PPG.She can fly,shoot lazers and use super strength. But her special ability is one that her cartoon version doesn't have. She can hurl energy from her arms at her opponent. Her locked ability is to blast loud sonic waves from her mouth.



Since the first time that the PPG kissed the RowdyRuffBoys,Boomer has been in love with Bubbles. At first,Bubbles didnt believe him,But in time she fell for him.


Bubbles' so called friend